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Communications Report

Communications: Keeping AAPOR Members and the Outside World Informed

Mike Mokrzycki, Communications Chair, and Jon Cohen, Associate Chair

Additions to – and a seamless move of – AAPOR’s Web site highlight recent activity on the communications front. Looking ahead, we’re working with The Sherwood Group, our association’s new management company, to determine strategy and tactics to best communicate our priorities to members and to the outside world. 

We’ve expanded the website’s Standards and Ethics section to make it easier for survey researchers to comply with the AAPOR Code of Professional Ethics & Practice, with a new methodology disclosure checklist and example disclosure form. We also posted a Council-approved revision of the procedures for dealing with Code complaints, and added documentation on practices and policies in cases of interviewer falsification. 

Other recent additions to the Web site focus on the six-decade history of the organization: Heritage Interview Series videos of AAPOR luminaries (our deep appreciation to the Kaiser Family Foundation for digitizing the videos and hosting them on the Web); a digitized copy of the book A Meeting Place: The History of The American Association for Public Opinion Research and lists of all past AAPOR presidents and conference sites. (Which states and sites have we met at most often? Check the conference sites page for a list.) We plan to continue connecting members with AAPOR’s rich history with an exhibit at the 2010 conference in Chicago of highlights from the AAPOR Archives, which are housed at the University of Chicago.  

Behind the scenes, there was a big change to AAPOR’s Web site: On September 1, after many weeks of preparation, it moved to new servers hosted by The Sherwood Group, Inc.

In meetings later in September at Sherwood’s offices in Deerfield, Illinois, members of AAPOR’s Executive Council strategized with Sherwood communications and technology staffers about future improvements to the Web site, the Blue Book and new opportunities to expand AAPOR’s reach, including how to make the best use of our other online personas (such as our presence on Facebook, LinkedIn and Twitter). With AAPOR President Peter Miller, we also discussed ways to implement and promote the association’s new Transparency Initiative to proactively encourage survey researchers to disclose their methods in a manner consistent with the AAPOR Code.



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