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‚ÄčThe Standard Definitions Committee has updated the AAPOR Response Rate Calculator. AAPOR designed this and prior calculators to make it easy for researchers to enter the final number for each outcome and have the outcome rate calculated for them. A group led by Rob Daves that included David Dutwin, Stephanie Eckman, and Courtney Kennedy redesigned this version of the calculator.

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New International Online Course for Journalists
AAPOR, ESOMAR and WAPOR have collaborated to launch the first-ever international online training tool for journalists to help improve media reporting about polls and survey results around the world. You can read the joint press release on this important course.

Get the latest Election Polling Resources 

With the 2016 Presidential election process underway, AAPOR has put together all of the resources you need to make sense of the latest polls and put current results into persepective.

Reports of the demise of polls have been greatly exaggerated


AAPOR Executive Council member David Dutwin's piece on how polling has been very accurate for more than 20 years.


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