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The newest issue of Public Opinion Quarterly is now available online. Articles in this issue include: Nonresponse Bias for Univariate and Multivariate Estimates of Social Activities and Roles, Reacting to Neighborhood Cues? Political Sophistication Moderates the Effect of Exposure to Immigrants, Factors Associated with Participation in the Collection of Saliva Samples by Mail in a Survey of Older Adults, and more. 

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AAPOR Profile: Frank Newport

As Editor in Chief at Gallup, Frank Newport operates at the intersection of polling and journalism. In addition to serving as the president of AAPOR 2010-2011, Newport co-chaired the Task Force on Public Opinion and Leadership with Robert Shapiro from November 2010 to September 2013. The task force studied how leaders can use data on public opinion in their policymaking, concluding, in Newport’s words, “The public is actually smarter than you think they are . . . they make rational decisions and public opinion can be and should be valuable.” Read more about Frank Newport.





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